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How We Got Here

A new beginning for The Healing Lounge, we believe in living a life full of joy, gratitude, and free of judgement. These feelings inform and guide our core teachings and practices at The Healing Lounge, as we focus on helping clients better connect to themselves and their surroundings. We offer a variety of services, classes, workshops, and more to help all of our clients achieve healthier bodies and minds.

 Classes We Offer


Everyone leads a busy life nowadays. So, why not let us take care of your fitness and spiritual needs. We offer group classes and specialized programs throughout the day to accommodate your busy schedule. Your mental and physical health is our top priority; see how we can help you make the most out of your time.

Private Yoga Session


Michele will design a yoga session for your individual needs. After a brief intake, your session will be designed to address your body, mind, and soul. Yoga can help you with anxiety, depression, sleep, digestion... and so much more. Get in touch with yourself. Get grounded. Get focused. Manage your mind and you can change your life!

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Sound Healing

with Petra Sliwiak 773-968-4113

The ancient technique of sound healing is becoming more and more popular here in the west because it works. Science has proven that vibrations and frequencies have a powerful effect on our cells, and can help us release & reset both the physical & emotional issues we are experiencing in today's world. Experience total relaxation as the waves of the gong flow over your brain waves moving into the Theta state where deep healing occurs.

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Intuition Workshop

with Sandy Richards 630-806-9777

Do you ever get a feeling you know who is calling before you pick up the phone? Did you ever have a feeling that you should not trust someone? Everyone has intuition, but wouldn't you like to bump it up to the next level? The Intuition Workshop will be a series of 4 classes covering: Grounding, Meditation, Energy Work, Protection from Energy Vampires...and much more!

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