~Dave 2/23/20

You Have To Try This - Amazing 


I am a 59 year old male who after 29 surgeries (and recent amputation) suffers from chronic pain. I got off the opioid train long ago but I am always looking for holistic ways to help me manage my pain. When I heard The Healing Lounge was getting an infrared sauna and after seeing what The Mayo Clinic had to say about IR saunas I knew I ad to try it. After getting the OK from y doc(smart common sense)I had my first 45 minute session.

For the first 20 minutes, all I did was sweat a lot! But then something odd happened-I had no pain in my lower back and my arthritis in my hands loosened up and I did stretches I had not done in 3 years! I also felt my BP was a bit lower. I was tired later in the day but also had a bit of a "runners high." How IR works is unique. The benefits are many and risks very low. Speak to Michelle at The Healing Lounge (and your doc) and give Infrared a try!

~Liz 7/9/19

Michelle is awesome. She helped me with my very irrational and very debilitating, fear of flying. So much so, that I was able to fly on my own, with no fear. I was even able to fall asleep on the plane! If you knew me, you would know what a HUGE deal that is. She uses EMDR - which I was totally side-eying but it is super effective!

~Lauren 10/16/19

Michele has changed my life. I had low self esteem and am dealing with a lot of childhood triggers that she has helped me overcome. She is very honest, caring and keeps it real with her patients


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